Equipped to do
the right thing!

We are a team of not only MOMs but also single women and men who are professionals in the industry. We primarily try to train and recruit Moms but that does not stop us from getting in Real Talent in the form of human! We like robot too! But that’s for later! Made of experts of varied backgrounds, in technology, content development, business strategy and marketing we are well equipped to do the right thing to make your business stand out in the digital world. We’ve come together to help ambitious businesses differentiate and compete - to become digital businesses.


What we do

Though we are relatively new, we’ve proven our quality in the market over the last 3 years: nearly 20 clients, over 30 strategic projects. But it’s not all about the product or the service; it’s about putting our clients into a stronger long term position, to be able to compete more effectively. For every client that’s a different problem. With every client we find a different solution.

How we do​ it

We believe that, in a world of continuous change the right strategy evolves through an early, educated assessment followed by making, testing and learning. We don’t do big strategy or big design upfront. We avoid speculation or templated solutions.

We are sensitive to culture in the sense that we perceive from all directions when strategizing your marketing plan. We take cultural aspects into consideration and cater ideas that would perfectly appeal to your target audience.