Sri Lanka Towards
a Healthier Future

Join Suwa Diviya in the Fight Against Diabetes

Welcome to Suwa Diviya, where our mission is to combat diabetes through education, prevention, and support. We believe that a healthier future for Sri Lanka starts with informed choices and proactive health management. Join us in our journey to empower individuals, families, and communities to live healthier, diabetes-free lives.


At Suwa Diviya, we believe that knowledge and support can transform lives. Our passionate team is dedicated to spreading awareness, providing education, and offering unwavering support to those affected by diabetes. Our goal is to foster a healthier nation, one individual at a time. Meet the team behind the movement and learn about our inspiring journey.

Call Our Diabetes Prevention Hotline

Our dedicated hotline is here to provide you with immediate support and information about diabetes prevention. Speak directly with our experts, get personalized advice, and learn how you can take proactive steps to safeguard your health.

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Meet Dr. Kayathri Periyasamy

Leading the Charge Against Diabetes

Dr. Kayathri Periyasamy, a dedicated Consultant Physician and the visionary Founder of Suwa Diviya, has been a beacon of hope in the fight against diabetes in Sri Lanka. With her extensive expertise and compassionate approach, Dr. Periyasamy leads numerous initiatives to educate and empower the community. Through her work, she aims to dispel myths about diabetes, promote healthy lifestyles, and provide support to those affected by the condition. Her commitment to creating a healthier Sri Lanka is unwavering, making her an inspiring figure in the field of diabetes prevention and management.

           At Suwa Diviya, we believe in empowering individuals with knowledge and support to take control of their health. Our mission is to create a community where everyone has the tools and information they need to prevent and manage diabetes effectively. - Dr. Kayathri Periyasamy